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Sorry guys, we're all in high school and rather busy with our studies so we are not able to update frequently. However when something big does happen, we will try to spare a little time to post and share it here. Please continue to support us !
Posted Friday, July 2, 2010 at 3:50 PM

Hello dear f(x) fans, this site has been running since November 2009 by admin Joe Yee.
We post news, photos, videos, icons, download links and basically anything to do with South Korean girl group f(x).

Joe Yee : Main admin and author.
Eva : Admin, icon maker, author.
Denise Kim : Admin, template designer, author.
Feel free to contact us at f-x-newmiracle@hotmail.com

Not many of us are active these days :( Would you like to join us ?

Disclaimer and credits

Our articles
We repost articles from various sources and we credit them at the bottom of each post. Feel free to repost from our site but please include our site's name and link plus other relevant information.

Our icons
Original images may be shots from music videos or other sites, we do not
own the original images, but they are 100% edited/retouched and cropped/resized by our team @f(x)newmiracle. Do credit and link us if you use them please.

If you run a fansite of any kind, feel free to leave a message for link exchange, we shall check if your content is appropriate.

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Hello there, this is a blog made for fans of South Korean girl group f(x). Here we update on the group current activities, upload photos, videos, and many more. If there is something you would like to know about, feel free to leave a comment in the posts and we'll try find information on it. Other than that, vote for us and enjoy !
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If you run a fansite of any sort, feel free to leave a message for link exchange, we shall check if your content is appropriate.
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